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Inverting the wish-pyramid of the human species.
Spreading a vision of a better future to subvert the expensive and silly aspirations of a beautiful but blinkered species.


the history log is very important
the images that are coming into consciousness are of apocalyptic endgames
this is like the motorcyclist losing control at speed on a bend and focussing on the tree he doesn't want to crash into

sorry mate
whatever you focus on is where you'll end up - so it's the tree for you
the history log looks just a bit to the left of the tree
sure we didn't walk away unscathed - but it wasn't fatal...

we need more future imaginings
one's that don't have a hidden monkey's paw or faustian sting...

...kinda makes one see the positive side of greenwashing...
although a cynic may say it's just a lie... optimist will say that even if it is a lie, the fact that the lie has value, that it is worth telling, means that the consciousness is changing.
perhaps middle classes wishing for guilt free opulence isn't such a bad thing

look at the history of the world in terms of wishes, dreams and desires and it seems many have come true
the costs have been passed down through a vast pyramid, a food chain of imaginings where the folks at the apex can wish for anything and those at the bottom will have a hard time imagining any more than getting through the day
and right at the very bottom is the earth on which the whole structure rests

so for any bricks in the pyramid to say, 'i want my cake, but not at anyone else's expense' - is a good thing
the consciousness is changing - that's good news...

let's see if we can invert that pyramid and put the Earth at the top by focussing on what we want: a sustainable future that allows everyone the freedom to wish for more than just survival...

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