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Welcome to the Climate Change News Digest.

I used to sleep very well until I started reading the news about Climate Change. Strangely for an issue of such grave importance, Climate Change rarely makes the headlines. To find out more on the subject you will have to root around the internet in the back pages of various news and science sites. Since we all don't have much time, I have done some rooting on your behalf.

The articles you see here all paint a very bleak picture indeed. If you read only one of them, let it be the first one.
Note that the source of this article is not some daffy prophet or mad professor, this report comes from the headquarters of the department of defence of the mightiest nation in the world: the Pentagon, Washington DC, USA. So current thinking gives us another 20 years. Hang on a minute, only five years ago the scientists were implying that we had another good hundred or so...

Still getting a good eight hours? Go on, read another - share the insomnia. These are all in the same vein, highlighting the secondary effects of Global Warming: the wars, famine and civil unrest that will affect everything on the planet.

If you don't want to believe the hippies, would you believe an oilman? Read on. More suits give their opinions, this time the insurance industry. Here are a couple of thought provoking articles that deal with the background and history of our predicament . I always took it for granted that Nature was big and powerful enough to clean up after us, the trees would keep our air nice and clean and it seemed you could dump as much of anything you like into the ocean and it would simply disappear. Of course, we're more aware of that fallacy now, and with the slow death of the seas and forests we can no longer rely on them to clean up after us or to provide us with sustenance when we run for the hills. Now Nature's balancing forces have been so drastically enfeebled, scientists are finding new systems that actually accelerate global warming. They call that 'Positive Feedback' How's our 20 years doing now I wonder?

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