Welcome to our non-funding drive!

This year I'm asking you to make a 'non-donation'.

Simply don't donate! Send us nothing and use the money you save to do something nice for the environment. Here are some suggested 'non-donations'*

●  £0.23 could buy a stamp.
     Write a letter asking for emissions reducing legislation from your elected representative

●  £175 could buy a brand new bicycle

●  £30 could buy you a second-hand bicycle (even better!)

●  £10 could buy a vegetarian cook book
     (even non-vegetarians can enjoy the odd meat-free day)

●  £15 could buy a composter! (many local authorities sell these at a discount)

●  £20 could buy an energy saving shower-head

●  £50 could buy you a monthly bus pass

●  £10 could buy you a drying rack for your wet laundry

●  £10 could buy a book to educate someone about global warming

●  £5 could buy you an energy-saving fluorescent light bulb

●  £10 could buy a timer to turn your lights on and off

●  £20 could buy you a nice woolly jumper so you can turn your heating down

If you really want to do something positive for the environment, go here...

*all prices are approximate!

Not in the UK?