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About the site:

In the summer of 2003, I decided to write to Tony Blair, the prime minister of the UK, urging him to do something about climate change. As I researched the letter, I came across more and more disturbing information regarding global warming and its consequences. Coincidentally I was taking an evening class in basic web-design. It seemed a good idea to combine the letter with my new web skills to create an internet information portal to spread climate change awareness; Voila - CCND. The site was hosted first on the university web server until autumn 2003 when it moved to it's own 'premises'. The original letter became the site introduction.

The aim of the site is to raise the general awareness of climate change. Here's the original mission statement:

For the full insomniac effect, you will have to put 2+2 together yourself in a way that few journalists do. For instance, there may be an article about an increase in stormy weather, another about decreased rainfall in forested areas and another about the role of trees as a carbon sink. It is for you to add up the facts and conclude that stormy weather (lightning + high winds) are likely to set fire to the dry forests and when they burn they release carbon dioxide adding to the greenhouse effect and making matters even worse...

A puzzling thing is the way that many articles are slanted to make it easy to disassociate oneself from the problem. For example: ski resorts going out of business doesn't affect me because I don't ski, etc. etc.. There aren't so many dealing with the scary truth that growing crops is tricky enough without having them drenched, parched, blown over or just overcooked by the weather.
Skiing I can do without, but eating is a different matter...

Throughout the life of the site, I have borne all the costs myself and have actively discouraged any donations feeling that donating to a cause often allows one to divest oneself of one's responsibilities. Another reason for making this site totally free, is so that you, the reader, know that I have no financial gain; I am doing this for your sake, my sake, the sake of our families and the future well-being of the world.

After four years of hard work, I believe the mission has been accomplished. During the first two years, my task was to search hard, to dig through the internet for articles that would shake a reader to consciousness. It would regularly take me a couple of hours a day to find as many articles. More recently, thanks in no small part to Mother Earth, who helped sway opinions with headline grabbing weather events such as hurricane Katrina, I no longer have to search for news - the job now is to filter the ever increasing number of global warming stories in the media, reducing the sometimes hundreds to a more digestible ten or twenty.

Now I ask, 'How much news do you need...?'

...when the next task is to redirect the desires of an entire species...

About me:

I was born at a time when Beatrix Potter was already on the way out. My mother, who can identify any plant of the field or forest, was dismayed that I did not share her skill but could name any car in the street. My childhood was spent dreaming of designing aeroplanes and looking after the occasional toad or newt. As an adult, chasing groovy tunes, tinkering with funky old motorbikes and making musical instruments has occupied most of my spare time. I still love music, and although I'd love to tour India on an old Enfield or go to Argentina and live out the Motorcycle Diaries, in this day and age there is no justification for such fossil fuel follies. Converting the old Vespa to electric power was sadly beyond my capabilities, so it languishes in the shed while I make my way around town on a bicycle.

To earn a crust, I design for print and web, create music, and occasionally make musical instruments, from salvaged wood guitars to the more bizarre,
If you need any of the above, drop me a line.

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